KLOY Facial Razor for Women
The technique is absolutely painless since the zigzag blade design guarantees there are no cuts. Forget about monthly visits to the Parlour; quickly remove hair in the comfort of your home. The anti-slip handle and curved razor blade provide pinpoint...
Rs. 199.00
KLOY Reusable Multipurpose Makeup Removal Facial Cleansing Pads, Pink & Black, Safe for Dry & Sensitive Skin (Pack of 2) - Black
KLOY cleansing pads are ideal for foundation, heavy eyeshadow, eyeliner, tint, lipstick, and more. You just need a facial cleanser or lukewarm water to wipe off your makeup gently. KLOY Cleansing pads remove makeup easily. No need to use chemically...
Rs. 199.00
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