No, KLOY® hair scalp massager shampoo brush is made with premium-quality silicone bristles that are gentle on your head and do not damage the hair.
KLOY® hair scalp massager shampoo brush is perfectly suitable for all hair types as well as sensitive scalps too. You can use it on wet hair while shampooing to remove dandruff and get a rich lather. On dry hair, you can use it for oil massage and scalp exfoliation.
Yes, KLOY® hair scalp massager shampoo brush can be used for oil massages and while shampooing the hair. For both the uses, it helps to fight dandruff, cleanse the scalp, and relax your head.
You can best use the KLOY® hair scalp massager shampoo brush by getting a comfortable grip and gently scrubbing the scalp with the bristles. The premium quality of silicone safely ensure that your hair remain tangle-free and undamaged whether you use it in circular motion or straight motion.
The scalp brush is manually operated and requires neither electricity nor battery. You do not need to worry about charging the product or replacing a battery.
The pointed bristles are made of medical-quality silicone that is non-toxic and harmless for human body. The silicone bristles on the scalp brush are meant to massage and scrub the scalp. This movement helps to fight dandruff, stimulate blood circulation, promote hair growth, remove dirt and excess sebum oil, and ease any itchiness.
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